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    Updated On: Jan 16, 2017

    Obtaining a License

    In the state of Ohio, electrical contractors are required to obtain a license through the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Industrial Compliance. The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB) issues the license. Detailed information on obtaining this license can be found Under the heading OCILB click on Test Application Packet. This packet contains everything you need to know about obtaining the Ohio Electrical Contractor license.

    The state of Kentucky issues Electrical Contractor (CE), Master Electrical (ME) and Electrical (EE) licenses. See the Kentucky Office of Housing, Building and Construction’s website for details on who needs a license and what requirements each applicant must meet.

    Continuing Education Requirements

    In order to renew either an Ohio or Kentucky electrical license, the license holder must obtain continuing education hours from a registered training provider before sending in the renewal application and fees. We are registered training providers with both Ohio and Kentucky. Continuing education requirements are different for each license and each state.

    Master or Electrical license: 6 hours per year comprised of code and safety but no more than 2 hours may be safety.

    Contractor license: 6 hours per year, comprised of business and employment law, business practices and safety but no more than 2 hours may be safety.

    Please note: Kentucky license holders must obtain 6 hours each year for each license held.

    Contractor license w/ yearly renewal: 10 hours per year: 5 hours must be in electrical code and the other 5 hours may be in any other subject area.

    Contractor license still on three year cycle: 30 hours in three years: 20 hours must be in electrical code, 5 hours must be in business, 2.5 hours must be in health and safety, and 2.5 hours must be technology. 

    Please note: Most Ohio licenses will have a yearly renewal. The three year cycle is
    being phased out, but be sure to know which cycle applies to your license.

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